Buying A Water Purifier

Whenever you are on the hunt for purchasing a new water purification system, it is important to understand a few basic key concepts. This web page will outline the most vital deciding factors when you are searching for one.

Best At Home Systems

Berkey water filters are among the best water filtration systems money can buy. This type of system removes acidic waste from the water, leaving you with fluid that will only alkalize and hydrate the human body.

The biggest contaminants found in city tap water range from harmful bacteria and pathogens to heavy metals such as:

  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Fluoride
water fluoride

The majority of citizens believe adding fluoride to water will benefit the human body, but nothing can be further from the truth. Watch this video on YouTube explaining the harmful side effects of fluoride to the human body.

When you finally discover the truth about fluoride, you will want to make the switch from drinking tap water, to only consuming pure alkaline structured water. The amazing benefits of this variety of H20 is incredible.

Installing Your Water Filter

It can be very challenging to setup your purification system. This is why on our website, we fully recommend going to the National Plumbers Directory to find to plumber that can assist you.

Some of the smaller kinds of water filters will help you along your journey to health and vitality as well. Even avoiding bottled water is an intelligent idea. Some of the neurotoxins released from plastic will seep into the water and harm your brain if not removed from the body.

We recommend storing your water only in glass containers which are BPA free. Metals too can release substances that will certainly degrade your health.

In addition to watching the specific types of water you consume, it just as important to move your lymphatic system. Some may ask? What is this?

The lymphatic system, coined by Dr Robert Morse 

is your bodies primarily elimination and immune system. When this system is shut down by faulty kidneys, waste begins to backup in the body. A variety of symptoms, most commonly known as inflammation will start to occur. This process is your immune response against harmful toxins.

Midwest Solutions

water pipes

Depending upon the severity of your household issues, it may be best to contact get a list of Milwaukee Plumbing Contractor. Taking this step will greatly help you on your way